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Seminar: Dr. Michael Gonsior, UMCES CBL


Off Campus : MPR

Date & Time

November 15, 2019, 3:00 pm4:00 pm


November 15, 2017 at 3:00pm to at 4:00pm

Title: “Dissolved Organics Matter – DOM Characterization in Natural and Engineered Systems”

Speaker: Dr. Michael Gonsior, UMCES Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Abstract: Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is the most dynamic and least understood component of the global carbon cycle and it also plays a key role in environmental engineering. For example, it supplies the precursors of disinfection by-product formation and removal of DOM is part of the majority of drinking water treatment plants. Effluent DOM (EfDOM) is more defined by bacterial metabolites, breakdown products from xenobiotics and a diverse suite of daily care products. However, the molecular composition of DOM present in all aquatic systems remains largely hidden due its extreme complexity. Recent analytical advancements in mass spectrometry opened up an opportunity to drastically enlarge the analytical window of DOM characterization. This seminar will focus on natural DOM characterization and the observed chemodiversity of DOM in natural and engineered systems.