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Name/Title/Affiliation Contact Info
Teressa Freeman
Assistant to Dept. Chair,
Dept. Marine Biotechnology
Office/Room: G018
Office Phone: 410.234.8812
Jorge Gomezjuardo
Faculty Research Assistant
Zohar Laboratory
Office/Room: ARC Facilities
Phone: 410.576.5715
  Mildred Homa
Research Administrator
Office/Room: G012
Phone: 410.234.8805
  Amanda Maggio
Post Doc
Office/Room: 4059
Phone: 410.234.8835
  Ryan McDonald
Grad Research Assistant
Schreier Lab
Office/Room: 5016
Phone: 410.234.8875
 Ray69x90 Rayford Payne
Research Associate
Sowers Lab
Lab/Room: 5027
Phone: 410.234.8877
  Natalie Rivlin
Faculty Research Assistant
Burge Laboratory
Lab/Room: 4059
Phone: 410.234.8835
  Steven Rodgers
ARC Manager
Office/Room: G049E
Phone: 410.234.8819
  John Stubblefield
Research Staff
Zohar Laboratory
Lab/Room: 3077Lab
Phone: 410.234.8824
  Christopher Tollini
Assistant Manager
ARC Facilities
Office/Room: G049
Phone: 410.576.5715
Nilli Zmora
Post Doc Research Associate
Zohar Laboratory
Lab/Room: 3075 Lab
Phone: 410.234.8825
 Odi69x90 Odi Zmora
Research Supervisor
Zohar Laboratory
Lab/Room: 4045Lab
Phone: 410.234.8890