2020 Publications










Burge – Friedman CS, Reece KS, Wippel BJT, Agnew MV*, Dégremont L, Dhar AK, Kirkland P, MacIntyre A, Morga B, Robison C, Burge CA. 2020. Unraveling concordant and varying responses of oyster species to Ostreid Herpesvirus 1 variantsScience of the Total Environment. 739.

Li – Gong Y, Kang N, Kim Y, Wang Z, Wei L, Xin Y, Shen C, Wang Q, You W, Lim J, Jeong S, Park Y, Oh H, Pan K, Poliner E, Yang G, Li-Beisson Y, Li Y, Hu Q, Poetsch A, Farre E, Chang Y, Jeong W, Jeong B, Xu J. 2020. The NanDeSyn Database for Nannochloropsis systems and synthetic biology. Plant Journal. 104,1736-1745.

Saito – Bedner M, Saito K. 2020. Development of a liquid chromatography atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry method for determining off-flavor compounds and its application toward marine recirculating aquaculture system monitoring and evaluation of aeration as a depuration approach. Journal of Chromatography A. 1609: 460499.

Schreier – Avery SE*, Ruzbarsky SP*, Hise AM, Schreier HJ. 2020. Genetic and physiological characterization of the antibacterial activity of Bacillus inaquosorum strain T1 effective against pirABVp2 -bearing Vibrio parahaemolyticusAppl. Environ. Microbiol., 86:e01950-20.

Sowers – Kjellerup B, Kaya D, Sowers KR, Demirtepe H, Stiell B, Baker J, Imamoglu I.  2019.  Assessment of PCB contamination, the potential for in situ microbial dechlorination and natural attenuation in an urban watershed at the East Coast of the United States.  Sci Total Environ.  683: 154-165.

Vakharia – Mu C, Vakharia VN, Zhou Y, Jiang N, Liu W, Meng Y, Li Y, Xue M, Zhang J, Zeng L, Zhong Q, Fan Y. 2020. A novel subunit vaccine based on outer capsid proteins of Grass Carp Reovirus (GCRV) provides protective immunity against GCRV infection in rare minnow (Gobiocypris rarus)Pathogens. 9(11):945.

Wong – Marvel M*, Spicer OS*, Wong TT, Zmora N**, Zohar Y. 2019. Knockout of Gnrh2 in zebrafish (Danio rerio) reveals its roles in regulating feeding behavior and oocyte qualityGen. Comp. Endocrinol. 280:15-23.

Zohar – Zohar Y. 2020. Fish reproductive biology – Reflecting on five decades of fundamental and translational researchGen. Comp. Endo. 300: 113544. (Special Issue dedicated to Y. Zohar)



* indicates IMET student/alumni author

** indicates IMET postdoc author