Extremophile Scale-Up Facility

The DMB Extremophile Scale-Up Facility is capable of large-scale growth of microorganisms that require “extreme” growth conditions. Capabilities include growth at temperatures up to 105 Ethel.ExtremophileFacilitydegrees Celsius, extreme anaerobicity and saline concentrations up to 8 % wt/vol.  The facility houses two 5-liter, two 20-liter and one 250-liter fermentors that are capable of growing strict anaerobes at temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius. One 20-liter fermentor is capable of maintaining constant growth temperatures as low as –5 degrees Celsius. Both 20-liter fermentors can be configured for use as chemostatsFermentors are centrally monitored and controlled with NBS Biocommand software. Control parameters include temperature, redox, oxygen, pH, antifoam, nutrient addition, OD and gas flow. CEPA continuous centrifuges (0.5 and 2 liter capacity) equipped with chillers are available for harvesting cell material.