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Aquaculture Swims Ahead

Chesapeake Quarterly Story

April 2018 • Volume 17, Number 1
Rona Kobell
Thirty years ago, Maryland looked as though it might get hooked on finfish aquaculture. But while oysters have arrived as an aquaculture species, and clams now grow in the coastal bays, Maryland no longer has any finfish farms. Its lone shrimp farm departed for warmer pastures. That could change soon.   more . . .
Yonathan Zohar, who focuses on marine and aquaculture biotechnology, feeds fish in IMET‘s aquaculture center. Photograph, Rona Kobell
Rona Kobell
Baltimore scientists have figured out how to grow an aquaculture industry. And it starts with silencing a protein called "dead end" to make sterile fish.   more...

Posted: April 30, 2018, 12:37 PM